• 6ft hardened alloy steel chain, lock bolt and flush fitting ground anchor for caravans, motorcycles, quad bikes, scooters and many more security applications.


  • Can be secured in two ways:
    i) With recessed cup to fit onto Bulldog Super Lock Bolt for use as a portable secure loop.
    ii) With the lock tube supplied with the Kit which can be concreted in the ground/floor to offer a permanent anchor position within the garage, in the drive or workshop etc.

     6ft high specification, * Alloy steel chain case hardened to 750-800 VPN
    (60 - 62 Rockwell) min depth 0.040 inch. Link diameter 13mm, end links 16mm diameter. (*This chain is not standard mild steel).

     Ductile, hard core to chain 350 VPN, sufficient to support case hardening without being brittle. Resistant to cropping, can not be bolt cropped by hand.

     Bright red woven fabric sleeving for high visibility and protection.
     No padlock, uses Bulldog Super Lock Bolt with over one million possible key combinations.

     No protruding parts when ground anchor is not in use, tube is completely flush fitting.

     Weight of chain = 11.1kg.

BulldogSecure.Store offer a number unique services to save you time, money and stress:

Keyed Alike

  • If you order multiple products that use the Bulldog Locking Bolt or Pushbolt, we can key each product to use the same key. Click here to find out more.

Keyed to Order

  • If you already have a Bulldog product that uses a Bulldog Locking Bolt or Pushbolt, we can key make each product to match the same key number as your existing product. Click here to find out more.

Your Bulldog product is an investment in protecting your property and we want you to get the most out of your purchase.

All Bulldog manufactured locking products on our site come with a 1 year warranty as standard with an additional 4 years free warranty available via registration. This warranty is provided by Bulldog Security Products Limited.

We hear stories on a regular basis of Bulldog product users who have lost their key and have no record of the key number resulting in distress, time and money being spent on having to send the product to Bulldog for the lock to be expertly removed and replaced.  This is made extremely difficult where the product is in place and securing your valuables. In this instance, it can be extremely costly, and usually means total destruction, to remove the Bulldog locking product. 

Product and Key Registration Service

  • This product is eligible to be registered for our product and key registration service
  • When selected, BulldogSecure.Store will register your product with the manufacturer to automatically access the extended 4 year warranty
  • When you receive your product you simply advise us of the key number which we keep secure
  • In the event that you need a replacement key, we will give you a code for 10% off a replacement key (up to to a maximum of 3) and prioritise your order to ensure you get your new key as soon as possible.
  • Just £5.48 one off fee

Premium Product and Key Registration Service

  • This service delivers the ultimate in peace of mind and includes the registration as shown above PLUS...
  • We order a spare key for your product and securely store the key. We use strict anonymisation of keyholder details, meaning your key is stored with no reference to your personal details.   
  • In an emergency, where you lose the key and have no access to the spare, say for example if you are away from home or on holiday, simply get in touch and we will be send your key to any address in the UK on a next day delivery service.
  • Just £22.99 one off fee plus Royal Mail Special Delivery fee when key is needed. 

If you select these services, we will contact you to register your key details along with a security password to access your key. 

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Bulldog MC100S Chain Lock System

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